Hall of Shame

Please note, to have yourself removed from the list of defaulters, simply pay your outstanding invoice.

The following persons defaulted on payment:

  • Gerald Nyasulu
  • gerald.nyasulu@my.jcu.edu.au
  • AUS$ 45 owing since April 2019
    Lame Excuse: None
  • Robyn Ressouw https://www.facebook.com/robyn.ressouw – fullygang@gmail.com
    Rand 500 owing since May 2015

    Lame Excuse:  “On production and what he gets mastered first, after studio time his budget is not that much so he wants to get like 10 tracks mastered and we will promote that then later on get the rest of the album mastered”
  • Brighton Zvakavapano a.k.a. Bright
  • bzvakavapano3@gmail.com
  • Rand 350 owing since February 2018
    Lame Excuse: None