File Instructions

Before you upload, please ensure your songs are in the following formats:  WAV, AIFF or FLAC/ALC files, with a word length of 24bit or 32bit float. Please do not change the sample rate and do leave a 2dB headroom, unless the files are in 32bit float.

No limiting, maximisation, or stereo enhancement on the master buss. Buss compression is fine if it is conducive for the feel of the mix, just do not overdo it. The mix should be as close as possible to the outcome that you envision.

Contact me for mix evaluation if you are unsure.

Please complete the form and add your files, then hit the upload and send button. If you have a document detailing meta data, please also upload it

The most common meta data that we embed into a master are:

  • ISRC (International Standard Recording Code)
  • Text: Artist Name, Album Name, Track Titles
  • EAN/UPC Barcode

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